Federal Government

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  National Labor Relations Board 
United States Attorney  U.S. Small Business Administration 
Immigration & Naturalization Services  U.S. Department of Commerce 
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration  U.S. Bankruptcy Court 
U.S. Food & Drug Administration  U.S. Department of Labor 
U.S.D.A. National Wildlife Research Center  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 
U.S. Public Defender  U.S. General Services Administration 
Social Security/Office of Hearings & Appeals  Federal Executive Board 
Defense Contract Management Agency  USGS Ecological Science Center 
U.S.D.A. Animal Plant Health Inspection Service  U.S. Navy  
Internal Revenue Service  U.S. Forest Service 
U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs  U.S. Customs and Border Protection 
U.S. Treasury Inspector General  Department of Homeland Security 
U.S. Senator's Office  Federal Protective Service 
Railroad Retirement Board  Occupational Safety and Health Administration 
U.S. Department of Transportation   



Children's Hospital  Kaleida Health System 
Millard Fillmore Hospital  Buffalo Cardiology & Pulmonary 
Buffalo General Hospital  Dent Neurologic Institute 



Moog, Inc.  Flower City Printing 
The Mentholatum Company  American Packaging 
AT&T  Prudential Securities 
American Airlines  Headquarters, Inc. 
Federal Insurance Company  Liberty Mutual Insurance 
Schindler Elevator Corporation  Bathfitter 
Red Bull North America, Inc.  Sodexho America, LLC 
Pilkington North America, Inc.  Shred - It USA, Inc. 
Hobart Corporation  Security Credit Systems